Monday, August 9, 2010

Week Ending July 11th

Mon 7/5 - 10 Miles east at Ludlow Res in 1:21:30 [8:09 per mile]
Tue 7/6 - TNT Tuesday Night Track ...well, sort of 101 today !
                We decided best to wait till 8pm. It dipped down into the 90's!
                solo workout Norm & Tim did Tempo on roads

                Norm and Tim opt'd out and decided to go with a tempo workout on the roads.
                Easy 2.5 mile warmup with Mark
                workout: 400s with 200 recovery was not in the mood for long intervals today - just too humid
                1st 400 in 78 - felt ok but swore it felt like a 73
                all 200s recovery jogs were longer than 60 sec, some under 70, but some close to 90.
                stopped and stretched the right hip for a couple minutes after #4
                It was freaking gross out so no 'must hit' goal times. I just went on feeling.
                I wanted to stop at 5  but talked myself thru 'just one more' to get in 10.
                all in the 78.x except one 80 last two 76.x
               2 mile warmdown solo covered in sweat
                - no wind or breeze just dead heavy air. finshed up around 10pm
               glad thats over  8.5 miles total
Wed 7/7 - no run, massage, needed that.
Thu - Fri no run skin Eczema killing me. Heat & Humidty not helping
Sat 7/10 - noon time track 1200's with 400 recovery shooting for goal 10k pace 5:30/mi or 4:06 per 1200
                Splits w/ recovery  : 4:06/1:53 4:08/1:53 4:05/1:51 4:05/:56
                added a 200 in :40 to make it 5k of efforts in 17:05
                6k total 23:38 3:42/km 5:57/mi
                wu 3mi 24min / cd 4mi 31min / 11 total
Sun 7/11 - Long run in early afternoon sun ... hot ! 21 Miles in 2:39:25 [7:35 per mile]

Summary for the week - 49 miles in 4 days 3 days off. 1 poor track wokrout, 1 decent interval session on track. Less than impressive. Heat is brutal this summer, but this is not going to get it done.

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