Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009
113th Boston Marathon

I decided to start a blog ! I'll start with my Boston Marathon write-up I posted on by runing2win log. In the near future I need to get down in writing a better recollection of the training leading into Partriot's Day, the race itself and what's next now that the big day has come and past.

The morning did not get off to good start. The race shorts I placed out with my warmup pants the day before were nowhere to be found. I still have no clue where they are. I grabbed another pair, bolted out the door, and got to the bus in plenty of time. Did plenty of stretching and an easy warmup jog once we arrived in Hopkinton. Felt mentally in a real good place. I wasn't worried too much about the cold or even the wind. This was nothing like 2007. If I could just run smart, work with groups and not bounce around in no man's land like I did at the Baystate Marathon than I felt I run well.

The plan was to hold back just a little for the 1st half, 1:18 maybe a little faster if I was feeling good. I don't consider myself a 'great' downhill runner but I seem to handle the early downhill miles from Hopkinton to Framingham well. I didn't panic hitting 10k in 36:03. Things were going well. The pace of the group I was working in felt comfortable and we seemed to be running at a very even effort thru the slight rises and declines. Around 15k, the timing chip in my left foot was digging into the top of my foot. I tied my shoe to tight. It was a cold day but the feet will have to swell over the course of 26 miles and this was only going to get worse. But I was rolling good. No way was I stopping to retie my shoe: kept pushing the pace.

I anticpated the open sections were wind would be an issue like 15k and half way and made sure I wasn't in no man's land too long. Easier said then done but when you're feeling good, the difficult seems trivial. Everything just clicked. Accelerating and closing in one group to the next, I was moving with purpose and a plan.

At times the foot was aching and I wondered if I was going to have to stop. We soon reached Wellesley College. The girls roared, the paced quicken, addrielene kicked in and the foot hurt no more. If every race had this kind of cheering section running would be so much, much more popular.

I didn't cruise over the Newton hills. I didn't drop my load either. Cool. It wasn't till the last of the big downhills and the turn into downtown Boston did I feel the full brunt of the wind. Tight groups of runners broke apart into surgers and faders. I did a little of both; passing and being passed. Somewhere around mile 23 I went from maybe sneaking in on the better side of 2:36 to, "Oh, sh*t" I better get my as* in gear or I can kiss goodbye to sub 2:37!

I gave a little back in last two miles. I wasn't in agony just had no more to give. Photos my wife took of me at the end confirmed it. I was spent.

Kicked some ass today. I will enjoy it while it last.
Soon enough I'll have my ass handed back to me like the Rhody 5k where I'll be lucky to crack the top 100.

And now the splits...

5:38 ~ 9 sec to start ...
11:27 (5:49)
17:17 (5:48) 5k 17:52
28:57 5 mi ... missed one there...
34:48 (5:51) 10k 36:03
40:38 (5:50)
46:30 (5:52)
52:21 (5:51) 15k 54:17
58:19 (5:58)
1:04:17 (5:58)
1:10:06 (5:49) 20k 1:12:38
1:15:58 (5:52) Half 1:16:36
1:21:46 (5:48)
1:27:47 (6:01) 25k 1:30:5
31:45:55 (18:08) missed 3 ... in the zone !
1:52:02 (6:07) 30k 1:49:51
1:58:20 (6:18)
2:04:48 (6:28) 35k 2:09:12
2:10:46 (5:58)
2:17:00 (6:14)
2:22:59 (5:59) 40k 2:28:17
2:29:13 (6:14)
2:35:24 (6:11)

122th Overall
10th Males 40-44
11th All Males 40+
Top New England Master

Finally, thanks to my fans that come every year to boston to support me. You guys are the best !!!