Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Week Ending Sunday July 4th

Mon - 12mi 1:28:09 [7:21/mi] Home to Granby - hot & humid! tough going at the end
Tue - Childs Race 2.4mi 17:55 with nephew Brandon Pavoni
         & Ludlow HS Track 12 x (400 avg 76 + 200 jog 61) + 200 to get to
         5k in efforts @ 15:50 3:10/km 5:06/mi 7600m total in 29:00 3:49/km 6:09/mi
Wed - 10mi 1:11 [7:09/mi] Ludlow knee sore & tight at end
Thu - 11mi 1:27 [7:54/mi] Ludlow HS-Chapin+Ventura-Poole
Fri - 11mi 1:20 [7:21/mi] Hinsdale, NH to Brattleboro moving good at end. Hot & humid!
Sat - 10mi 1:19 [7:54/mi] Hinsdale show and easy mid morning still hot
Sun - Spfld 5k 17:20 5:35, 11:05 (5:30), 17:21 (5:40, :36)
        9th over, 4th master 10 total

Week - 75 Miles One good track, one decent race

Not my favorite 5k by a long shot. Way too many turns. But I was still hoping to go sub 17. Not really close. A 5:36 opening 1st mile - might have been long but mile 2 seemed to be in the correct spot. Whatever the 1st mile split was, I could tell I wasn’t moving too quickly. My legs didn’t feel too heavy and my breathing was fine. I just didn't have any cruising speed.

Caught up to Brouliette, who was having a bad day, at 1.5 miles but couldn’t stick with him. Part of it is fact my legs were feeling the effects of the weekly mileage peeking back up into mid 70’s for the 1st time in months. Another part of it was a lack of fight in me. I got to learn to never stop racing just because I don’t have the next guy in my age group in my immediate striking distance.

Right hip very sore after the race - need to get the it band area worked on soon.

Shoutout to Norm Fuller who busted out a solid 5k 18:15 to win his age group. Norm was due that one. A great job and well deserved.

Moving on… Need to focus on getting healthy and getting some good workouts in for July and a solid race at Stowe.