Tuesday, April 20, 2010

114th Boston Marathon

Goal was 2:40-2:45.I might be able to get in just under 2:40 if I felt good, maybe run 1:18 1:22 splits.
I'm not sure if it was lack of mental preperation or just not emotionally engaged knowing that I wasn't going to better last year's time, but I didn't run with patience or confidence. It felt like I was running to slow when I wasn't. I never let myself got into a rythmn and it felt like I was pressing the whole way.

There were times I thought about dropping out. I was thinking why am I putting myself thru this. I don't want to finish this marathon, nevermind run another one in two freaking weeks! But I don't think I could live with myself for doing that - DNF'n just because my time wasn't going to be as fast as last year. 
In the 2nd half when someone passed me looking strong, I took note of how poorly I was running, tightly wound up, hunched over looking and feeling like a pile of sh*t. I regrouped, got back into a better more upright and relaxed position. Run light on my feet. Amazing how much easier it felt to go the same speed. But it wouldn't take long before I would drop back into my bad lazy habit and another runner would pass. Then I would repeat the cycle.

learning experience. Overall it wasn't a bad race. Honestly, I got to be happy with the result considering I only averaged about 55 miles a week this year thanks to all the training I lost in Feb.

Photo Jim Rhodes and Ted Tyler

Splits that I got:
5:55 5:51 5:54 5:48 6:04 5:54
17:57 6:09 12:19 
6:03 6:13 6:31 5:52 12:42
6:15 6:22 12:57 6:24 6:23
6:47 1:22

Official 5k splits
5k 18:10
10k 36:42 (18:32)
15k 55:18 (18:36)
20k 1:14:32 (19:14)
25k 1:33:43 (19:11)
30k 1:53:15 (19:32)
35k 2:12:59 (19:44)
40k 2:33:18 (20:19) 2nd half 1:23:54
28th Master (8 Males 45-49 + 2 Males 50-54 Glen Guillmette + 1 Males 55-59 Reno Stirrat)

Yea, Reno 56 years of age to the day, passed me in the last 200 meters making 2010 his 5th decade in which he has run a sub 2:45 marathon. Very, very impressive.
Runner's World - Amby Burfoot Footlose Blog - Reno

On a local note: Western Mass' very own Bill Romito got one step closer to a very exclusive club, 25 consecutive Boston Marathons. http://bostonqcc.blogspot.com/

Also on the Quarter Century List is Harry Lepp of Danielson, Connecticut, whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet. Harry has just logged his 27th Boston in 3:22, has run at least 6 of the last 10 Holyoke Marathons including his win in 1998 in 2:46:35.

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